Vortex Capital Group

We pride ourselves to be a premiere proprietary trading firm that specializes in all asset classes

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Trading Technology

Advanced software technology that provides direct market access to different asset classes

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Live Trading Room

We offer our subscribers streaming access to our top traders while trading the markets live

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Training Program

VCG’s Principal Traders trade exclusively for the firm’s own account and trading lines are based upon experience and performance

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  • Vortex Capital Group
  • Trading Technology
  • Live Trading Room
  • Training Program

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Our Company

Vortex Capital Group (“VCG”) is a premier proprietary trading firm headquartered in Downtown Toronto. We boast a state of the art trading platform which facilitates our trading strategies with accuracy and speed across the different asset classes with success despite today’s extremely dynamic market environment. Moreover, all our traders have access to the firm’s capital with excellent payout ratios.

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